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Discover Rimini

Live by the beach

Rimini is primarily known for its long beaches, two hundred and fifty establishments to which you have free access without the entrance ticket. Paying umbrella and sunbed (sometimes included in the price of the hotel stay), you are entitled to all facilities: hot showers, baths, animation for adults and children up to the use of the fields from beach volley and beach tennis! In the evening the beach comes alive with numerous local festivals and smaller events, up to the famous Pink Night involving the whole of the Riviera Romagnola.

the beach

Marina centre

The heart of Rimini beach, rimini Central Marina is characterized by a long avenue with shops, bars and restaurants. A walk from Rimini train station Viale Principe Amedeo, you will be able to admire numerous villine liberty to arrive at the Fountain of the Four Horses and the historic Grand Hotel with its impressive façade of pink in the style of Liberty: historically, the Grand Hotel has been the destination of celebrated personalities and, thanks to its history and its architecture, in 1994 it was declared a national monument under the protection of the Superintendence of Fine Arts. There is also the pier and its walkway of 200 m over the sea, the atmosphere is more intimate and reflective.

fountain of four horses

The Old fish market and entertainment places

The old fish market, with its marble counters of the eighteenth century, is the meeting point for all the shares from there, he moves towards the squares and the alleys of the old town for a drink, a snack, a concert, or simply to chat. In the poetry piazzetta Gregorio da Rimini, number 4, lived the high school student in out-of-office Giovanni Pascoli (1855).

The Domus of the surgeon

Is our little Pompeii: an archaeological area of 700 square meters is of great importance due to the discovery of the richest furniture, surgical, roman known to us. During the excavations of 1989, on the occasion of the redevelopment of the square, were various layers of history: the roman domus, a house of the late imperial and traces of an early medieval settlement with a large burial ground below. The Domus of the Surgeon is to two steps from the Museum of the City that completes the path.

the domus of the surgeon

The museum of the city

Housed in the eighteenth-century Jesuit College, the archaeological area of the museum preserves testimonies of the local heritage collections from the excavations over the years. In the art Gallery, instead, you can admire the imposing last Judgement, fresco from the church of Sant'agostino, the masterpieces of the Rimini School of the Fourteenth century, and works commissioned by the Malatesta family, to artists of great fame such as Giovanni Bellini, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Guercino and many others.

the museum of the city

Malatesta Temple

Originally a franciscan church, was Sigismondo Malatesta, to request the updating according to the canons of the renaissance. The outside (part inconcluso) is by Leon Battista Alberti and the façade is inspired by the structure of the triumphal arch in the roman. The interior has a single nave, houses paintings of great artistic value as the “Chapel of the ancestors”, it is the work of Agostino di Duccio, the crucifix of Giotto and the fresco of Piero della Francesca, representing Sigismondo kneeling at the feet of the saint of the same name. The interior of the "Chapel of the Planets", under the sign of cancer (zodiac sign of Sigismund) you can admire a panoramic view of Rimini, the malatesta period (the oldest image of the city to come to us).

Borgo san Giuliano

From the centre of Rimini, passing the Bridge of Tiberius (the roman era) you can reach the small village. When walking through its streets, formerly inhabited by fishermen, you can breathe all the flavor of the Rimini fellini: the village has not forgotten the famous director, and along its streets you can admire murals dedicated to his films and to his wife Giulietta Masina. Let yourself be fascinated by the little squares and picturesque views that appear between the small houses in pastel colours.

borgo san giuliano

Federico Fellini

The director was born in Rimini, he transposed the memories of his hometown in many of his films, including the famous “Amarcord” (“I remember” in dialect): the Grand Hotel, symbol of desires "forbidden", the pier winter destination of the Young and the theatre of the antics of Scureza (the motorcyclist in Amarcord) and the cinema Fulgor, the eye on the world and a point of encounter with the american cinema, are just some of the suggestions that Rimini has left a legacy of the director. Today the building of the Fulgor is under renovation and will become the new headquarters of the Casa del Cinema.

Federico Fellini

The Riviera of the Parks

The Riviera Romagnola is also called the “Riviera of the Parks” because it is rich in theme parks, aquatic parks and marine parks. Among the most famous Fiabilandia (also suitable for small two, three years), Oltremare, Aquarium of Cattolica, Italia in Miniatura, Aquafan of Riccione, and Mirabilandia in Ravenna: the fun is assured for adults and children, for those who dream of living in fairy tales or wants a day of adrenaline, to discover the sea and its inhabitants or just have fun on the water slides!

The flavors of the cuisine of romagna

In Romagna we love the art of eating well, and if you're on holiday in Rimini, you cannot miss some of the traditional local recipes. Rimini is a land of genuine flavours: on the table is never a lack of piadina and a good plate of fresh pasta (rigorously hand-rolled with the rolling pin!): tagliatelle, strozzapreti, ravioli, gnocchi, cappelletti and lasagna are just some of the local specialties. As the second, roasts and mixed grills or fresh fish from the Adriatic sea: mackerel, red mullet, mantis shrimp, sardines and mallets cooked in the soup or on the grill. To accompany and enhance the meal, you can not miss one of the wines produced on our hills: the famous Sangiovese or Trebbiano and Pagadebit.

the cuisine of romagna
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